TOUGH Series - Big Saddle Pack


ReTire PET
The ReTire PET bikepacking saddle bag, designed with sustainability and practicality in mind. Crafted with a cover made from upcycled defective tires and an inner bag constructed entirely from RE-PET materials; this saddle bag is not only eco-friendly but also durable and reliable. With its convenient roll-up opening design, accessing your cycling essentials has never been easier. Plus, the inner bag features an exterior pocket for storing small items like keys or snacks. In addition, when not riding, you can simply remove the inner bag and take it with you. Whether you're heading out on a weekend bikepacking adventure or just commuting to work, this saddle bag offers plenty of room to securely store all your gear. Say goodbye to bulky, inconvenient storage solutions and say hello to the sleek and efficient ReTire PET bag. Join us in our commitment to sustainability while enjoying the convenience and practicality of this innovative accessory.


Available Attachment Velcro Fastening + Buckle-strap Fastening
Material Recycled PET Fabric + Tire
Extendable No
Zipper No
Reflective Material Yes
Light Clip Yes
Size (L / W / H, cm) 27 x 12 x 13
Capacity (ml) 2300
Weight (g) 318