What does Denier mean?

2021/06/17 1xxx
When we are selecting bags, we often see the words 70D, 600D, or even 1000D in the material label or product packaging. What does this mean?

In fact, this "D" is the abbreviation of Denier. It is a fixed-length measurement unit, that is, a measurement method of calculating the fiber thickness based on the weight of a certain length of fiber. Specifically, for every 9,000 meters of fiber, its net weight is 1 gram, which is 1 denier. In other words, if a bundle of nylon with a total length of 9,000 meters has a net weight of 420 grams, the bundle of nylon is 420D nylon.

Denier number and fiber thickness are relatively positive correlation. For example, the smaller Denier number, the lighter the fiber weight, which usually means that the fiber is thinner, and the product made of it is lighter, thinner and softer; on the contrary, the larger the Denier number, the heavier the fiber weight means that the fiber is thicker, the products made by it are stronger and more wear-resistant.

Choosing a high or low Denier number does not represent the quality of the fabric, but depends on the demand. If the demand is lightness, then choose products made of low-density fabrics, such as tri-iron backpacks; on the other hand, if the demand is sturdy and durable, such as military bags, choose high-density product made of fabric is the best choice.